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Quotable commentary?

Good afternoon, all!

Parlor has construction permits! Finally! We are so excited to get our chic ON, and it would be impossible if it weren’t for our friends at Wentworth Contracting and Icon Architecture. They have contributed endless amounts of time, energy, and phone minutes (I’m a talker) to Parlor’s opening. Thanks, friends.

Now, for the fun stuff. Parlor has def been making some big decisions lately. All is well in the world when an idea is just an idea or something fun you’re sort of tossing around, but things are starting to get really REAL in Parlor’s world. While writing Parlor’s official, unofficial employee manual, a reporter from the Kansas City Star called to get some info on our progress, etc. Wait…huh!?? A real reporter! After seemingly endless “hmmm”s and “uhhh”s, she somehow pulled a quote from my ramblings about the excitement over being a local business owner and the services Parlor will offer. It’s officially a milestone type of day, folks, and not due to the ridic heat out there. Parlor is officially unofficially official. We can’t wait!

In other news, Parlor is happy to announce our product lines. For the pretty primps, Sachajuan and O&M will be on the docket to get all of those gorgeous tresses Kansas Citians will soon be sporting. Both lines have been Rachel Zoe approved…just saying. 🙂 For our cosmetic line, we will be carrying Becca Cosmetics. We love not only the line, but also our representative Laura Wright! We have had such a great time working with her, and can’t wait to bring the line local! With help from these products, Parlor will for sure secure a spot in the world as the place for pretty.

We can’t wait to meet you! Keep checking in as we will be busy keeping you posted for updates and musings from Parlor: A Beauty Bar.

Peace, love, primps,



Blow out, Try out

Good morning, all!

Things have been moving along in the Parlor: A Beauty Bar world. After a long-awaited decision of who will be doing the construction on the little joint, finally resolution was made, and Kenny Wentworth won the war. Now…the herringbone pattern for the floors debate reigns as most valuable discussion. 

One of the BEST moments in Parlor history thus far occurred at the Blow out, Try Out event. Krystal Smith-Leitner was in attendance as the premiere stylist and consultant for Parlor. A few of my loveliest (and most willing friends) came over, and we tested out some Parlor Primps. 

My personal favorite, the Power Pony, was an instant hit, as was Nikki’s voluminous style, Erin’s curls, and Kristen’s Beach Wave. The only failure may have been my attempt at serving some appetizers…cooking has never been my thing, really. 🙂

Parlor is ready to get rollllling so keep checking in for updates! 

Peace, love, primp,