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Summer, summer, summer time!

Happy June, Pretties!!

My, my, oh my! What a FANTASTIC time we have had meeting all of you over the course of the last few months. Parlor has had an incredible season, and a great opening in our new location in Leawood! We are just LOVING the change of scenery…and the close proximity to our friends over at Blue Chip Cookie. 🙂

Our Primpettes have been so busy prepping KC’s most fab brides that we almost forgot to update you on some of our favorite looks from the season. For the summer season, we have been totally digging looser, less controlled looking updos with romantic, piece-y fronts, and tousled pin ups in the back. On more “challenging” weather days (and we’ve had our fair share the last few weeks), we prefer a little more controlled updo or pinup with a more sleek front view.

Our bridal party faces have been really fun to do, too! The look has been walking the line between classic, clean beauty and a rosy, bohemian princess-ish look. Does that make sense?!? It’s been all around PRETTY! We are so pleased to hang with the coolest ladies on the planet in our little shops. You make our jobs super easy, and for that…we THANK YOU.

Other happenings…hmm…

Well, we were on the news again! The link is below in case you want to share with all of your friends where you are headed this weekend. 😉 There are a couple of other news-y links for you to check out also!!

Living Proof launched a couple of new products that we are absolutely OVER THE MOON for. They launched a Prime for Fine Hair which is pretty awesome, especially since we are sweating profusely in this summer heat. Also, they launched a Control Hairspray that is divine. Meg still loves the Flex a touch more, but hey, a girl needs options, you know?!

We are still planning a Parlor Prep School for a cozy Thursday in July. Anyone have a preference on where we hold this one? We were thinking Leawood as it’s big, and fun, and new, and cool. We are super excited to teach you all our new tricks of the trade…oooh! especially our new easy, peezy mermaid technique! You’re going to love it!

New faces abound at both shops. We have a multitude of new Primpettes hanging with us these days, and we LOVE THEM. They come with varying amounts of experience, but not one is without a cool story and fun personality. We are still hiring, for both locations, so if you know any hairstylists or makeup artists, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE send them our way. We can’t wait to meet them!

We hope the start to your summer is off to a fabulous start. Again, we cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you do for us. We just really like ya, Pretties!

See you soon!

Peace, love, primp,

m. and Primpette Parlor teams