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Inspirations have come and gone. Parlor inspiration came and never left! Parlor is meeting the need and answering the calls from women everywhere! We are here to primp, beautify, and enhance your already gorgeous self. Our blog will be based on the other little inspirations that keep Parlor unique and...well, inspired! Enjoy.

Fall/Winter is upon us!

Happy, happy October, Pretties! We are so excited for the month as it brings beautiful fall brides, homecoming cuties, and events upon events! Parlor made it through the Country Club Plaza annual Art Fair, Town Center Plaza’s summer concert series, and a multitude of fun summer and humidity-avoiding activities. We have said goodbye to some of our favorite long-time stylists, and are warmly greeting our new Primpettes! They bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to braids, natural makeup looks, and a talent for all that is Pretty! Pop in and get to know your favorites!

Another new addition to our salon is Living Proof’s awesome Full Dry Volume Blast! This product is perfect for giving your look the oomph you have been waiting for. We have this spray in mini and full size in both salons. It is the perfect addition to any style. The Living Proof line has been our BFF as our salon has been busy busy this season!

The looks this season have ranged from pretty, full, bouncy blowouts, to structured and elegant Updos. Our makeup looks have shifted from the dramatic contoured looks of last year to a more natural complexion. With these complexions, Parlor has seen a pop of red lips, warm and smoky eyes, as well as pretty pinky-peachy cheeks. We have loved getting in all of the diversity in whatever our client’s hearts desire. Check out our Instagram and Facebook page @parlorkc for some examples of our work.

Our weekends have been filling up so please give us a shout if you’re thinking of coming in. We can’t wait to hear about your plans! As always, we appreciate your love and support as we continue to grow. Thanks so much for allowing us to get to know you as we Primp and Pretty your look.

Peace, love, primps,

Meg and the Primpette team






Summer, summer, summer time!

Happy June, Pretties!!

My, my, oh my! What a FANTASTIC time we have had meeting all of you over the course of the last few months. Parlor has had an incredible season, and a great opening in our new location in Leawood! We are just LOVING the change of scenery…and the close proximity to our friends over at Blue Chip Cookie. 🙂

Our Primpettes have been so busy prepping KC’s most fab brides that we almost forgot to update you on some of our favorite looks from the season. For the summer season, we have been totally digging looser, less controlled looking updos with romantic, piece-y fronts, and tousled pin ups in the back. On more “challenging” weather days (and we’ve had our fair share the last few weeks), we prefer a little more controlled updo or pinup with a more sleek front view.

Our bridal party faces have been really fun to do, too! The look has been walking the line between classic, clean beauty and a rosy, bohemian princess-ish look. Does that make sense?!? It’s been all around PRETTY! We are so pleased to hang with the coolest ladies on the planet in our little shops. You make our jobs super easy, and for that…we THANK YOU.

Other happenings…hmm…

Well, we were on the news again! The link is below in case you want to share with all of your friends where you are headed this weekend. 😉 There are a couple of other news-y links for you to check out also!!

Living Proof launched a couple of new products that we are absolutely OVER THE MOON for. They launched a Prime for Fine Hair which is pretty awesome, especially since we are sweating profusely in this summer heat. Also, they launched a Control Hairspray that is divine. Meg still loves the Flex a touch more, but hey, a girl needs options, you know?!

We are still planning a Parlor Prep School for a cozy Thursday in July. Anyone have a preference on where we hold this one? We were thinking Leawood as it’s big, and fun, and new, and cool. We are super excited to teach you all our new tricks of the trade…oooh! especially our new easy, peezy mermaid technique! You’re going to love it!

New faces abound at both shops. We have a multitude of new Primpettes hanging with us these days, and we LOVE THEM. They come with varying amounts of experience, but not one is without a cool story and fun personality. We are still hiring, for both locations, so if you know any hairstylists or makeup artists, PLEASE PLEASE, PLEASE send them our way. We can’t wait to meet them!

We hope the start to your summer is off to a fabulous start. Again, we cannot begin to thank you enough for all that you do for us. We just really like ya, Pretties!

See you soon!

Peace, love, primp,

m. and Primpette Parlor teams

Small step for mankind, huge step for pretty.


Good morning, Pretties!
What a pleasure meeting you, seeing you, hearing from you, and anticipating your arrivals. Parlor is officially a week old today, and what a ride it’s been. Our team had an absolute BLAST during the Art Fair, and it seems as if you all did too! YAY!
To quote one of the greatest musicals of all time, Grease, “if you can’t be an athlete, at least be an athletic supporter” :)There are so many people to thank that it will have to be a separate post…or many..but we wanted to reach out and give a resounding “thanks for being awesome”. All of you have been so super supportive and we couldn’t have ever been here without you. So, thanks.
OPENING PARTY NEWS: Parlor has partnered with the Red Shoe Society of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Kansas City to celebrate some Pretty and a great cause. Please, please, please join us THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 27TH AT 7PM for some champagne and small snacks. We can’t wait to see all of your Pretty faces.

We apologize sincerely if you get your invites Friday. Pretty is not always on time…our sincerest apologies.

Peace, love, primp,


Huge and humbled THANK YOU

Hello Pretties!

Just a quick shout out before we move along with our day @ Parlor. FNO on the Country Club Plaza was a BLAST last night! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of those that could come out.We apologize for taking off a little early, so I hope we didn’t miss you. We had such a great response that we completely ran out of product!!

Hope you all had as much fun at FNO as the Parlor team had meeting all of you. Kansas City has great style, and you all looked absolutely gorg! Highwoods and the Country Club Plaza put on a FABULOUS event, and we were super happy to hang with Ursula’s group at Terrasi. The swimwear they were modeling looked so cute!

Our team was working hard in the heat, and everyone on the Parlor crew appreciates their incredible effort in beautifying KC. What a fun event!!

That’s all for now. We have to go help Dustin (see below) lay some floor and hopefully start installing stuff this weekend.

OH!!! That reminds us…keep checking back this week/weekend. We are hoping to get in some practice rounds next weekend at discounted prices. We will be keeping you posted as we get an updated schedule in the next few days!

peace, love, primp,


Great work, Dustin!

Primpette positions available!

Good evening, folks!

I’m positive you all enjoyed the weekend!

Parlor is coming along fantastically. Our team is looking for even MORE hairstylists to join our already STELLAR team. Training provided. Please email us ASAP to secure flexibility in your schedule.

Part-time and full-time positions available. Weekend availability preferred.

We look forward to hearing from you!


“To love beauty is to see light”-Victor Hugo

Good afternoon, all!

I know, I know. Pretty deep quote to title this posting. I thought it appropriate for the amount of lighting decisions being made around Parlor these days…and it made me feel a little better for being so picky about the varying shades of gold, antique gold, brass, aged brass…you get the point.

The team over at Parlor is officially killing it. See pics below. Yep, those are walls! If you ask me, they are the most beautiful, unpainted, barely hung drywall walls that have ever happened. I don’t want to officially announce it yet, so I will merely whisper: opening is probably September 13, 2012. Shh. I will let you know as soon as I know for sure. Promise.  

In other news:

Parlor has been asked to participate in Fashion Night Out on September 6! Our first official event is before our official opening, and we like it that way! We will be in front of Scandia Down and J. Crew, just across from Victoria’s Secret (if you’re in to that sort of thing). 🙂 I’m working on getting some product samples, special Parlor Steals and Deals, and of course some info packets on all of our beautifying services. Oh! Our team will also be there doing some quick makeup swaps (a touch more blush, quick lipgloss changes) and hair fluffs, like, you know, anti-frizz shine serum from Sachajuan or a little root lift  from O&M.  We hope to see you there even if it’s just to pop in and say hello! Now…what to wear…hmm.

Finally, we know you are inundated with all of the political decisions to be made prior to November, and we HATE to burden you with even more decisions, BUT we need some advice. You guessed it! It’s Parlor Poll Time!!

Question 1: What time would you like us to open? We’d love to see you bright and early while you eat your oatmeal before you head to the office. Think you could make it in before 9am?

Question 2: What time would you like us to close? We’d hate to miss you before your night out! How’s 7pm Monday thru Wednesday, 8pm Thursday and Friday, and 7pm Saturday sound?

Let us know your thoughts. We just want to make you happy…and feel pretty. 🙂

Peace, love, primp,


A little washing never hurt anyone.

This is where the magic happens…hair magic.

Walls and construction stuff to make walls

Calling all hair stylists!

Parlor is looking for more hair stylists to join our already stellar lineup at Kansas City’s first blow-out bar! The fast-paced and energetic environment should prove to be a fabulous place to spend those working hours. Another perk? We are using O&M and Sachajuan in our salon. Flexible scheduling, full-time, and part-time opportunities still available.

Email Meg at or call us at 913-927-0619!

We can’t wait to hear from you.

Peace, love, primp,

Coming Soon…FINALLY!

Hello all!

Updates for our salon are finally able to be described as….PLENTIFUL! Kevin, the “World’s Best Framer” (self-described) has officially framed out all of Parlor’s doors and guest desk. I may be bias, but even the wood looks FABULOUS. Mr. Electric (Dave) is busy-busy installing all of the wiring for the sconces. Finally, LTD Signs has come to deliver a little greatness in the way of our “Coming Soon” signage. See picture below. Who knew that, not only is installation of signage not-that-fun, but also there is an exact science to it? It involved razor blades, alcohol, and some sort of cheese cloth. Needless to say, my respect for sign hangers (especially my new friend at LTD Signs) has skyrocketed.

I believe this makes us more than official.

That basically sums up our construction updates. I’m really happy/proud/excited to be working with such great team members. I’m one lucky girl. Thanks, all!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Peace, love, primp,


Parlor Plans

Parlor Plans

Drawings from the pros about Parlor’s layout, etc. Thanks for all of the hard work, everyone!

Quotable commentary?

Good afternoon, all!

Parlor has construction permits! Finally! We are so excited to get our chic ON, and it would be impossible if it weren’t for our friends at Wentworth Contracting and Icon Architecture. They have contributed endless amounts of time, energy, and phone minutes (I’m a talker) to Parlor’s opening. Thanks, friends.

Now, for the fun stuff. Parlor has def been making some big decisions lately. All is well in the world when an idea is just an idea or something fun you’re sort of tossing around, but things are starting to get really REAL in Parlor’s world. While writing Parlor’s official, unofficial employee manual, a reporter from the Kansas City Star called to get some info on our progress, etc. Wait…huh!?? A real reporter! After seemingly endless “hmmm”s and “uhhh”s, she somehow pulled a quote from my ramblings about the excitement over being a local business owner and the services Parlor will offer. It’s officially a milestone type of day, folks, and not due to the ridic heat out there. Parlor is officially unofficially official. We can’t wait!

In other news, Parlor is happy to announce our product lines. For the pretty primps, Sachajuan and O&M will be on the docket to get all of those gorgeous tresses Kansas Citians will soon be sporting. Both lines have been Rachel Zoe approved…just saying. 🙂 For our cosmetic line, we will be carrying Becca Cosmetics. We love not only the line, but also our representative Laura Wright! We have had such a great time working with her, and can’t wait to bring the line local! With help from these products, Parlor will for sure secure a spot in the world as the place for pretty.

We can’t wait to meet you! Keep checking in as we will be busy keeping you posted for updates and musings from Parlor: A Beauty Bar.

Peace, love, primps,