Blow out, Try out

Good morning, all!

Things have been moving along in the Parlor: A Beauty Bar world. After a long-awaited decision of who will be doing the construction on the little joint, finally resolution was made, and Kenny Wentworth won the war. Now…the herringbone pattern for the floors debate reigns as most valuable discussion. 

One of the BEST moments in Parlor history thus far occurred at the Blow out, Try Out event. Krystal Smith-Leitner was in attendance as the premiere stylist and consultant for Parlor. A few of my loveliest (and most willing friends) came over, and we tested out some Parlor Primps. 

My personal favorite, the Power Pony, was an instant hit, as was Nikki’s voluminous style, Erin’s curls, and Kristen’s Beach Wave. The only failure may have been my attempt at serving some appetizers…cooking has never been my thing, really. 🙂

Parlor is ready to get rollllling so keep checking in for updates! 

Peace, love, primp,




Day To Night Look | Standard Style — Kansas City — Designer Women’s Clothing Boutique & Fashion Blog

Day To Night Look | Standard Style — Kansas City — Designer Women’s Clothing Boutique & Fashion Blog.

Quite the Kansas City inspiration. With the crazy weather, and even crazier schedule, Emily Baldwin’s post couldn’t come soon enough.

Standard Style is truly inspiring in their styling and ideas. I love that Emily dedicated an entire post to day-to-night styling. How refreshing! Sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to go home and change…let alone trying to come up with TWO killer outfits in a day!

The blazer is a great transitional piece, and Emily is totally right. Such an easy throw-on layer to pull together the outfit. Also, jewelry has really caught my eye lately. Not so sure if it’s because I’m too anxious about wearing/buying this season’s floral jeans or if it’s because there are so many great and affordable jewelry designers these days, but this season’s jewelry has def been a lifesaver. I love the statement necklace by Vanessa Mooney in the evening look that Emily posted.Can’t wait to pop into the store and nab my own!

Ahhh..thank goodness this post came on a Monday. A little head-start to my wardrobe planning for the week. Happy Monday, kids!!